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Team Cruise Craft is a factory-backed alliance of Cruise Craft owners and enthusiasts creating excellent times and friendships on and off the water.


He’s one of Team Cruise Craft’s most active members and a guru of offshore fishing…meet David Green. Always willing to share advice and a first port of call if you are trying to figure out anything related to fishing or…


Julie Daffy persuaded the Cruise Craft factory to build her a cruiser version of an Outsider 625 fully fitted with embroidered dashboard mat and seat backs, beige upholstery in the cockpit and Mocca suede in the cabin, a rear dining table, mood lighting…


We’re very, very fortunate to have a great diversity of interesting folk in Team Cruise Craft and Eddie Sheppard from Western Australia is right up there with the best of him. The ex-South African is he pretty handy with a rod and reel, he also logs every species of fish he catches.

TANNUM 2021 

Rescheduled to July 16th,17th & 18th

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next generation

Yamaha have launched the all-new v6 offshore range


Next generation control, next generation integration, next generation styling, original reliability.

Yamaha’s all-new, V6 Offshore series takes the proven 4.2 litre engine platform to the next level by incorporating technological advancements previously only seen on Yamaha’s flagship V8 425hp XTO. Available in 225, 250 and 300 horsepower variants, the new V6 offshore models pack serious offshore grunt and refined engine features in equal measure.

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Garmin Relief Shading
Garmin Relief Shading

Coastal boaters and anglers in these regions, including Australia and New Zealand, can now download relief shading chart content to exclusive BlueChart® g3 Vision cartography products for an easy-to-interpret, clear view of the ocean floor. “We remain committed to delivering the most detailed, accurate charts and maps for all of our customers across the globe, which is why we are…

Factory Fit Minn Koto Electric Bow
Factory Fit Minn Koto Electric Bow

CRUISE CRAFT – WATERTESTING THE FIRST ‘FACTORY FIT’ MINN KOTO ELECTRIC BOW MOUNT MOTOR Electric motors have been installed on Cruise Crafts and other brands for quite a while but now this option is available as a ‘factory fit’ option from the Cruise Craft factory. Come and see how easy these electric motors are to use on a Cruise Craft…

Bill Corten’s Advice On Bar Crossings
Bill Corten’s Advice On Bar Crossings

He’s too modest to admit it, but Bill is an absolute guru on bar crossings and offshore fishing techniques. Most weekends he’s out on his specially kitted Explorer 685 teaching people the safe way to cross the notorious South Passage Bar between South Stradbroke and Moreton Islands.